Updates April 2018!

Well, well, well... She returns! AND WHAT A RETURN IT IS!

As many of you may have heard/seen me bitching across the board on my social media, between December and February, I was biz. 👏 zee. 👏

Some of the fruits of my labor include:
(I've earned bragging rights dammit!)

•released a new single, Voodoo
•planned, shot, & edited 2 music videos: Voodoo & Aesthetic Perfection's "Bye Bye Bye" (soon to be released!)
•had the honor of 6 interviews, including my first printed interview!
•co-starred in the Aesthetic Perfection "Ebb and Flow" video

There was a whole bunch of other shit too... but it was a whirlwind and I learned a lot about my unknown capabilities, personal limits, and uh... stress management.

BUT! Now that I've had a moment to reset, I am super excited and motivated and maybe a little bit over-caffeinated! I have so much to update you guys on! Here we go!



If there's one thing that blows my mind daily, it's that I have all of you pushing me to make more music! I am no bullshitter... there's been a few days I've felt like completely giving up and reading some emails or comments, you pull me back to my feet. 

I am a one-woman operation: music (with the exception of some collaborations, of course!), videos, photos, merch design and management, promotion, you name it... I do it myself... AND I LOVE IT, it's my entire life and consumes my every waking thought... but doing it on top of sporadic freelance gigs and a regular bartending job to pay the bills and fund a budding music career...?! It's exhausting: physically, emotionally, and financially. 

Last year was, hands down, my most successful, fulfilling year, but it was also one of my toughest ones financially. I got screwed over a couple times. I learned a few hard lessons. But... we must let go of things we cannot change... whatever, it's great writing material!

AnnnnnnyWHO! After about 7 months of deliberation, I've decided to launch a Patreon! I know... I know... everyone's got one. This one? This one is different.

If you saw my 'Q&A' video, then you also saw me say I wasn't planning on releasing an album. Welllllp... guess who has decided to release another EP!? You guys got me!

I will be using my Patreon to help fund the EP and share the process! As a token of my appreciation for your love and support, I have some pretty nifty surprises for my Patreon supporters! With the usual access to the Patreon-only community, you'll also get access to my brand-new, Patreon-only Instagram, early viewing of YouTube videos, downloads of future singles, HARDCOPY OF VOODOO SINGLES!, sneak peeks, and the list goes on... SO. 👏 MUCH. 👏 STUFF! 👏 Annnnd I'm stoked! 

Well, for starters, an album takes a long time to write, release, and all that! I would like this out come the end of summer! I am going to write my little rump off and if an album comes of it, RAD, but I'm not going to stress myself for a number of tracks. Quality over quantity! Surely, you can appreciate that!

I don't hate them, per say. I just hate that there's no surprise with the second or third singles. Say you get the album after the first or second single, then you listen to the whole album and then know all the songs already! Why do you LIKE albums? (Comment below!)

My Patreon will launch May 1st. A nice, fresh start date without any of this retrograde bullshit! You'll be hearing/seeing all about it in the weeks to come! 

These guys?! Oh, there's only 25 of them and they're   NOT   for sale! The only way to get them is through Patreon!

These guys?! Oh, there's only 25 of them and they're NOT for sale!
The only way to get them is through Patreon!

Orkus Magazine Interview - March 2018 Issue! 

I did a cute little mini-interview with Germany magazine, Orkus! What I didn't know was that they were giving me a two, full-page prints! This is also my first printed interview too! Whaaaaa!?  Photos are a collaboration with my good friend, Stephen Borasch

Psst... thank you to Katrin for snapping some photos of it for me! (Them pillows are by Tim Van Horn too!)


In conjunction with my Patreon, I have also decided to create a monthly playlist which will be featured on my Spotify page! And dude, I named that shit NYXXTAPES! This first one, launched on April 1st, is a free for all. In no particular order, it's a list of superior listening content. It's eclectic! It's nostalgic! Hope you like it!

And no, I didn't put any Britney songs on it... YET!

Studio with Stephen Pearcy!

I am heading into the studio this month with Stephen Pearcy to record some songs for his upcoming solo record! NBD... just the founding member and singer of Ratt... Those of you who like my song "Wicked," you're going to love this stuff! 

New Designs!

For a few years, I have been trying to get my clothing line off the ground, but alas, the cost of manufacturing is crippling for a startup company! Recently in the past, I've designed for Blackcraft Cult, acquiring my position there through licensing designs I had ready for manufacturing! I consider the most important lesson I learned there, selfishly, was that my designs are good and people want them! However, my ideas are all over the place and don't really fit a capsule collection. So, instead of limiting myself, I've decided to just make anything I want and release them through my merch store! You'll find a bunch of sick-ass items dropping into the "Nacht by Nyxx" section soon!

BUT WAIT! There's more! Tim and I are launching a new product, details and a proper announcement to follow, but I think you guys will definitely dig it! Hint: It's going to be real "dark." 


That's right kiddies! I would like to torture myself further and redesign my website! I have been drawing it up and I'll be sitting down to embark on that journey mid-April! Wish me luck...

•Ordered more hardcopies of Nightmare! 
You asked! I listened! A fresh, new batch of Nightmare EPs are here! I have listed them in the webstore already! 

I am going to be releasing regular vlogs and art videos! Someone's feeling inspired!

•I love you guys!
Just in case I don't say it enough, I love the shit out of you guys! 🖤


You have an impressive attention span if you've made it through all of this! Thank you, really. I am excited, motivated and ready to make new music and tour! Let's do this! xo