Status Update: Still evil.

Good evening all. It's been a minute since I have posted an entry, so I figured it's high time I update. Firstly... did you pick up your copy of Nightmare? I only have a few of the USB cards left in my store

As a very tactile and nostalgic person, I felt like my first EP needed a physical element to it. Going one step further, I've decided I will be releasing exclusively in digital format. There'll be all sorts of interesting merch, but I don't see a need for a physical CD or USB in the future... BECAUUSEEE.....

Have you seen the hardcopies of  Nightmare ?

Have you seen the hardcopies of Nightmare?

BECAUSE! I am going to start releasing new shit every damn month! Well, cut me some slack... We'll say 6-8 weeks. I still have a job over here. :(

I am going to start both collaborating with a couple amazing artists (secret!) and writing, producing, and filming for new work! When Lady Gaga first came out, that bitch released something new with each moon cycle. I am not particularly fond of her work, but her ethic had me motivated and impressed.

My first release is my second single "Diabolical." You can expect an onslaught of social harrassment and a video mid October!