I am overjoyed to announce my EP title and official track list!

The album will be entitled "Nightmare." The title track was written by myself and my amazing, beyond talented friend, Danny Armand. This will also be the first single, obviously, video and all.

The official track list is:
1) "Nightmare"
2) "Buried Alive"
3) "Time"
4) "Blindsided"
5) "Diabolical" 
6) This is a very special, 'secret' track. "Waiting"

Some songs are completely written and produced by myself! It's amazing what you can do when you just fucking throw yourself in.

Reluctantly, I have had to push my release back to Halloween, but I feel like that is an appropriate date. The single and music video will be release prior to the album. I have decided not to have a party, as I originally wanted to. I will be announcing shows and will let all of my wonderful Kickstarter backers know when their presents are being shipped out!