So much to do...

Exhaustion. Beyond exhaustion.

I am running slightly behind schedule on my EP timeline--which is stressing me the fuck out. The album will probably end up being 4 songs, 5 if I can push it out, instead of the original goal of 6 songs. I am pretty happy with the way it is coming along, however. October will be an amazing month!

Aside from my CD, I am also launching my own clothing and accessory line. I am in the process of getting samples and manufacturing all the designs I have, as well as designing a website for it. I have the name, the domain, the plan, and the determination. I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised! The line will most likely launch January for SS16. Stay tuned for more details and an official announcement! 

I love being busy with things I love to do. Goal for 2016: Quit my day jobs, tour, photography, and sell the shit out of my ideas!