History reworked...

I believe everything can be improved on. It's both a blessing and a downfall. I am notorious for never finishing songs.

I recently found all of my poetry from college and decided to rework one of my favorites. I'm still not convinced it's finished, but as aforementioned, I can never really be done with anything.




untitled. 1

In the building behind mine,
On the next street,
Up a narrow staircase,
There's a room without heat.

Your sheets touched me that night—
Bare skinned and for the first time.
The chill of tangible truth,
Lit by a single street light.

I discovered all of you—
Your skin, your blood, your bones.
I devoured the moments.
You were mine, there in the cold.

But you, my love,
You set the room on fire.
My life has been a vacant hole,
Without the swell of desire.

To this day, I close my eyes
And I dream of your breath,
Of the blue-green street light,
And the hollow of your touch.

©2015 Nyxx Dady