Pre-pilot season Headshots Special!

Be one step ahead of your team! You KNOW they're going to be asking for new headshots for pilot season! Luckily, you have an in with the best headshot photog in town... ME!

I am offering a special deal! If you put a deposit on a session before Thanksgiving, you can choose from one of the following packages:

-2 hours
-4 looks
-4 retouched images (1 week processing time)
-All files on a USB thumbdrive (day of, must bring own)
How much you ask!? $500! This includes the studio rental fee! Deposit required.

Prefer natural lighting? I gotchu...

Same as #1, but no studio! 
*Starts at $400! (Travel fees are unlikely, but may apply.) Deposit required.

You don't want retouching? Although discouraged due to quality control, this option can be discussed!

Email me to get rolling on your session!

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Status Update: Still evil.

Good evening all. It's been a minute since I have posted an entry, so I figured it's high time I update. Firstly... did you pick up your copy of Nightmare? I only have a few of the USB cards left in my store

As a very tactile and nostalgic person, I felt like my first EP needed a physical element to it. Going one step further, I've decided I will be releasing exclusively in digital format. There'll be all sorts of interesting merch, but I don't see a need for a physical CD or USB in the future... BECAUUSEEE.....

Have you seen the hardcopies of Nightmare?

Have you seen the hardcopies of Nightmare?

BECAUSE! I am going to start releasing new shit every damn month! Well, cut me some slack... We'll say 6-8 weeks. I still have a job over here. :(

I am going to start both collaborating with a couple amazing artists (secret!) and writing, producing, and filming for new work! When Lady Gaga first came out, that bitch released something new with each moon cycle. I am not particularly fond of her work, but her ethic had me motivated and impressed.

My first release is my second single "Diabolical." You can expect an onslaught of social harrassment and a video mid October!

2015 in Review

I never really look back at my year. 2015 was a very different year for me. It was a rebirth.

Let's be real. The majority of the year fucking sucked. I battled crippling anxiety and my deepest depression. Without getting too into it, I'll just say it was some seriously awful shit. However, after the clouds lifted, I put my head down and worked. I am forever grateful for my friends that supported and stuck with me through it. To those who couldn't understand or didn't give a shit, fuck yourselves. Oh well. I am, dare I say, the happiest I've ever been.

In the past 4 months, I launched my dream company, played my first show in LA, shot my first music video, fell in love with photography again, started working with a producer I've admired for years, and feel like I've finally found my voice. I have thrown myself into my art and found myself thriving.

Photo By Banfy Photography

Photo By Banfy Photography

My EP, albeit a slow process, it is coming to fruition and sounding better than I could've dreamt. I've been stressed to get it out within a certain timeframe. Yet, friends have told me not to rush it. It will come to a close when it's ready. I am glad I've finally taken someone's advice. The album has grown on its own in ways I could've never imagined. I've grown as a singer, a songwriter, and artist. 

I can feel it in my bones. 2016 is the year where I explode. Thank you for sticking with me on this journey. 



Where once there was sun—now, a black hole.
I am empty-bellied,
What's left when you let go?

Without your breath,
I’m merely flesh.
Hollowing, dissolving—
becoming dust.

And you know, I swear we were happy.
I was enough.
At one point, when you looked at me,
It was love.

Darling, I don’t pray.
I certainly won’t start now.
Know I mean it when I say
That I hope you die alone.


I am overjoyed to announce my EP title and official track list!

The album will be entitled "Nightmare." The title track was written by myself and my amazing, beyond talented friend, Danny Armand. This will also be the first single, obviously, video and all.

The official track list is:
1) "Nightmare"
2) "Buried Alive"
3) "Time"
4) "Blindsided"
5) "Diabolical" 
6) This is a very special, 'secret' track. "Waiting"

Some songs are completely written and produced by myself! It's amazing what you can do when you just fucking throw yourself in.

Reluctantly, I have had to push my release back to Halloween, but I feel like that is an appropriate date. The single and music video will be release prior to the album. I have decided not to have a party, as I originally wanted to. I will be announcing shows and will let all of my wonderful Kickstarter backers know when their presents are being shipped out!