"My God finally. FINALLY. Get a taste of this decay. [This] is one of those you'll be hearing more about. Nyxx carries herself well, and the cover [of the album] should give you every indication what to expect: excellent vocal carry with a biting sense of reality. ...watch what this girl does."  

Her name is inspired by the Greek goddess of night. Growing and cultivating in the shadows of Los Angeles, Nyxx is the powerhouse idol the music world has been summoning. A professional photographer and visual artist, Nyxx is bringing authenticity and consciousness to pop music. Self-described as “goth pop,” Nyxx delivers the darker side of glitzy, dance pop with a biting, decayed industrial influence. She is self-taught, self-produced, and unstoppable. 

“Britney Spears meets Nine Inch Nails.”
“A female Rob Zombie.” 

However you describe her, Nyxx is intriguing, new, and exciting. Bewitching audiences with innate and truly unique vocal performances, she has entered the pop scene through the creepy back alley. Backed by a Kickstarter campaign, Nyxx self-released her debut EP, Nightmare, in April 2016. In January 2018, she released her latest single, Voodoo, featuring Aesthetic Perfection.

This marks the commencement of the underworld take over.